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RSCO transportation services are administered according to the following guidelines:
Transportation Guidelines: ENGLISH or SPANISH

The State of Connecticut pays for the costs of RSCO transportation. The Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) runs and coordinates RSCO transportation services.

In school year 2010-11, RSCO instituted the RSCO Transportation Zone which identifies the towns eligible to receive transportation for RSCO programs. Students, generally in grades K-12 (see prekindergarten services below), living in those towns located inside the Transportation Zone are eligible to receive transportation services during regular school hours. By providing either corner or central stops, the RSCO has designed bus routes in order to reduce ride times.

For those who live outside the Transportation Zone one of two options is available:
- Parents/Guardians may transport their child to school and apply for a stipend (paid at end of year based on child's attendance); or
- Parents/Guardians may request to use the closest available bus stop located within the Transportation Zone (no stipend offered for this option)

For students in grades PK3 and PK4, transportation is available to Hartford resident students attending an out-of-district program only.  For non-Hartford resident PK3 and PK4 students, the parent/guardian shall arrange transportation.  Non-Hartford resident PK3 and PK4 students whose parents/guardians transport them to school are eligible for a stipend for providing such transportation.  The stipend is paid at the end of the school year, based on the child's school attendance.