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Information on Lottery Process

Overview: The Placement/Waitlist Process
All eligible, on-time applicants are either offered a placement or placed on a waitlist for RSCO schools and programs through a random lottery process.

For Hartford residents, neighborhood and zone preferences are given to elementary school applicants. For non-Hartford residents, preference is given to applicants living in towns with a lower participation rate in school choice options. Sibling and staff preferences are also given to applicants in some schools.

An applicant who applies to Open Choice and a magnet school(s) and receives a placement offer for either program will be removed from all other waitlists, and will not receive another placement offer in that lottery cycle.

Applicants are notified by letter after the RSCO lottery has been conducted.

To accept a placement, parents/guardians must respond to RSCO online by the due date specified.

To have your child remain on a waitlist, parents/guardians should respond to RSCO online by the due date specified.

RSCO waitlist positions do not carry over from previous lotteries. Those who wish to participate in subsequent lotteries must submit a new application for each child.


Image: Information on Lottery Process